Software Testing 

A software tester makes an important contribution to the development process. He guarantees that a usable application is delivered. It is therefore important to add a skilled QA engineer or tester to the development team. But how do you recognize the best software testers?

There is a huge increase in working methods, techniques and QA tools, so it is a big job for the tester to be trained and /or certified in all areas. A good tester must therefore continue to develop and learn to use new techniques and tools. Many teams work Agile. It is important for a tester to familiarize himself with this method. For the studious tester, this results in a list of certificates on his CV. A test consultant has at least certificates such as TMap Next Test Engineer, Agile Foundation, ISTQB or TestFrame. In addition, they will have to further develop themselves in both Functional and Non-Functional Testing and Automation Testing.

Soft Skills

A tester is part of a development team and must have good social skills. Much of the work also involves planning, preparation and documentation. It is also important that a tester has a good connection with the business, understands the language spoken, and is able to delve into the end-user. In addition, he must have some knowledge of the technical systems and applications used.

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Technical knowledge

A tester works closely with developers. Therefore, it is helpful that he has some knowledge of the different programming languages, development environments and frameworks. In addition, he must be able to work with the tools that facilitate the development process, such as issue and project management tools.

Recruitment and selection

When recruiting a tester, we do not only pay attention to the certifications. We explicitly pay a lot of attention to the experience gained and give a candidate a practical assignment. Conversations with developers and product owners are also part of the procedure.

Software testing is a sport like hunting, it’s bughunting

– Amit Kalantri

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