A passion for technology

Our services

Team4Code offers solutions for companies that use software for their business operations. This can be, for example, a service that is offered to customers through a SAAS application, or an e-commerce application. There are also customers who exploit software for operational use or to be able to offer customers service.


Leveraging our extensive IT experience, we present the finest engineering talent exclusively. Our priority is fully supported candidates, and we never compromise on placements.


Sourcing based on a transparant payroll model, of technical professionals such as  software developers, designers, testers, IT architects and network engineers. 


We help optimize HR-processes (e.g. onboarding, absence management and performance management) and offer support in work-related area’s.

Managed Projects

Project-based software. The basic principle is that the customer remains closely involved during the construction process.

What do customers turn to us for?

Our customers have in common that they themselves own the software code, the intellectual property. They mostly do not want to become dependent on an outsourcing partner, but they want to remain in control of the development and management process. They have the vision to create great software solutions of their own, but they lack the staff they need to bring that vision to market. Sometimes they source the entire development team through us, but engineers are also deployed who form a flexible layer. Customers turn to Team4Code not only for Recruitment but also for assistence in managing the (agile) processes.


The total solution for remote sourcing

For software companies struggling to find skilled technicians, Team4Code offers a solution. Customers who require dedicated, full time software and network engineers will find the best remote specialists at Team4Code. We recruit these employees for and we can also offer a fully transparent Payrol+ model. The + stands for the support we offer on top of the payroll service such as consultancy,  facilities and our project management that is available to help you.

If you are wondering whether Payroll+ is a good solution for you, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you open to be investing in the relationship with the remote engineers in the same way as you do for the employees who are on your payroll?
  • Are you willing to keep in regular contact with your Team4Code employees, just like with employees on your regular payroll? Do you have the knowledge and capacity to manage your team yourself? Or will are you open to hire a specialists to fill that role for you. 

If you answered yes to these questions, we need to talk. If you have any questions yourself, please contact us. We are happy to discuss your situation and needs, and give you an idea of ​​how we can help you.

Managed Projects

Turnkey projects with a vision for the exploitation phase

You have a concrete project, which is clearly described and well defined. You are looking for a company that wants to build for you. The basic principle is that you remain the owner of the software code and the intellectual property. In addition, you want to keep the freedom to maintain the application yourself in the future or to outsource it to Team4Code.

If you’re wondering if Managed Projects is right for you, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does your project concern the development and building of an application that will play a role in your business operations? Is it important that the software is made in a professional manner and is quality paramount?
  • Do you have a sourcing vision that goes beyond the project to build the application? Are management and further development an important subject when tendering the project?
  • Do you see an important role for your own company in the development process, or do you want to stay at a distance until the moment of delivery?

Do these questions confirm your vision? In this case, too, we must speak. We take your project seriously and are happy to think along with you about an adequate solution.

What our clients tell about us

“Very fast and good service. Consultation in between, the direct communication was very nice. Recommended!”

Jan Dirk van der Borg
Product owner, E-learning application