In recent years, Serbia’s IT sector has developed into a major industry, accounting for 10% of the national income. There is a high availability of internet and in the world market the Serbian IT companies are mainly focused on software development. Specifically, German, Dutch, British and American companies outsource software development to Serbia.

The sector’s assets are the pool of intellectual capital, skills, labor costs, excellent communication tools.

The government has set ambitious goals for itself. Development in the field of e-government and modernization of existing IT systems in the domain of health and education will lead to more work and ensure further development of the IT sector. ICT is therefore one of the most dynamic and fast-paced activities in Serbia, with an annual growth of more than 25%. In 2019, the country exported €1.4 billion worth of IT services.  

In February 2020, the Serbian government approved the Smart Specialization Strategy. The ICT sector is one of the four-point sectors (the others are the food sector, the creative industry and innovative production processes).

To set up a business climate, Team4Code has a branch in Belgrade where we make IT specialists available to our customers.


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