Why does Team4Code still have an office?

In recent years we have become accustomed to working from home, which is a form of remote working. As a result, working from another country is also more accepted. Sometimes our clients ask us why we still have an office. The engineers already work remotely, so why not let them work completely from home? Why does Team4Code still offer office facilities?

Although we offer the engineers all the facilities to work from home, we still have an office they can come to. For employees who mainly work from home, an office is primarily a meeting place. But it’s more than that.

It is also an important principle of agile working that team members work in the same location. Furthermore, we believe that in the long run, most engineers feel and function better in a team than working alone from home.



Although we select people for their competence and mature personality, we realize that remote working demands a lot, especially from the sometimes still young engineers. They have to motivate themselves, plan their work, communicate when there is a problem and work in a solution-oriented way. And this is while they are constantly distracted by social media, games, and the like. Bringing them together in the office encourages collaboration and gives us a natural view of their development. For employees who have problems with self-discipline, the office offers us the opportunity to introduce rhythm and regularity into the work.

Instead of a number of individual home workers, we offer our customers an external team in their own remote office.


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What our clients tell about us

“We needed network engineers with CCNA and CCNP certification and experience with Cisco ACI and SD-Access. Team4Code came to the rescue and introduced engineers like Robert who is now a valued colleague”.

Director Engineering, Infradata, Netherlands