Who owns the code written by Team4Code developers?

Your team, your code

When you hire someone via Team4Code, the developers and engineers we recruit work for you, as an integral part of your team, and any code or other intellectual property they produce is yours. Our standard agreement puts this in writing and includes a binding non-disclosure agreement.

To be part of something great is the ultimate reward

This approach does more than just assure you that the work done on your project remains entirely yours. It is also central to the way we identify talented developers and invite them to join Team4Code. Our developers love what they do. We specifically seek talented programmers and engineers who are motivated by the love of a challenge, the rewards of solid teamwork, and the satisfaction of bringing something out of nothing. They understand that the business who invests in their talents retains all rights to intellectual property developed on the job.

Avoid dependencies

We measure our success one satisfied client at a time. Above all, that means ensuring that our clients can look constantly forward, using the professional help we provide to do great things. Guaranteeing their unqualified ownership of all intellectual property created by our developers is an important part of what we offer. Ensuring that you remain in control and do not become dependent on third parties is an equally important aspect of our services.

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What our clients tell about us

“When our project manager, Rikke, was so enthusiastic about his new dream team from Kyiv, I decided to have a sweater designed with the Med2Morrow logo and the life-size words ‘Dream Team’ on it. A week later, a package was mailed containing two sweaters, one for Demid and one for Nadir. They do a good job and we are very happy with them”.

COO and Project Manager, Med2Morrow, Netherlands