Which technologies do you support?

Team4Code is a platform for serious software developers who want to grow their technical and professional skills. We believe that one trait in good software developers is their curiosity and hunger for knowledge. Therefore they keep up-to-date with the latest trends and developments.

We made a page where we show the technologies that we specialize in. Those are technologies that are ‘mainstream’ in the office. But if you need specialists in another technology we can always search for you. Often we can find the developers you need, even when you are searching for some exotic technologies.

Team4Code is technology-agnostic: we recruit qualified engineers depending on each client’s specific needs, with no favor shown to one technology or the other. With that said, we do require that a given technology be proven mature and somewhat widely adopted before we promise to support it: emerging technologies may not have attracted a population of engineers sufficient to form a recruitment pool. By placing this limit on our services, we are able to focus our efforts on recruiting, training, and otherwise supporting our engineers as diligently as they, and our clients, deserve. 

Please see our technology-support overview for more details.

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What our clients tell about us

“Great company! Been working with Arnoud and his team for over a year now and it’s going perfectly. An ideal A to Z for all your development needs!”

Company owner and founder, Belgium