What will you do when an engineer does not perform?

Although we provide all our engineers with the facilities to work from how we strongly believe that working together in one office contributes to the well-being of the employee and to the quality of the product. Therefore our services include office facilities. This way your remote team can work together in ‘your’ remote office. 

Our offices have both Dutch and local management. It is their job to create a safe and pleasant workplace. They maintain contact with the teams and support them in their self-development. They also signal dissatisfaction or problems and help to solve them. They are a liaison between the remote employees and the project manager on the customer side. In this way, we support our customers in managing the remote team.

In case an employee is not feeling well, we will signal this and enter into a dialogue with him or her and offer support. When the client’s project manager identifies a problem he will be able to turn to his regular contact person. Together they decide on the actions to be taken. If a developer needs personal guidance, we can take care of that. If the problem is structural and cannot be solved, we will arrange a good replacement in consultation with the client.

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Last year we decided to build a new website to support our commercial campaigns and to to make our logistic data available for our customers via a webportal. After a pitch we choose Team4Code because their concept best represented our company and their proposal was the most concrete.

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