What provisions do you make to work safely?

A safe working environment is important for both the customer and the professionals. That is why we have taken various measures to secure safety. Below a number of these measures:

  • Our offices are well secured, equipped with an alarm and with access registration. Office management is always present during working hours. 
  • Team4Code provides the employees with computer equipment and ensures its security.
  • We have appointed a Safety and Data Security Officer who oversees the management and application of security measures and procedures.
  • Periodic instructions are given for safe working. These are mandatory for all people who work for or via Team4Code.
  • Data is always on the customer’s server. The production software is also on the customer’s infrastructure. The code that is being worked on may be on the employee’s computer. After finishing the code produced is stored in the customer’s code maintenance system.
  • We do not use USB sticks. We use slack and Google drive as much as possible and avoid using e-mail to send executables or other potentially unsafe files.
  • In the event of incidents, the customer is immediately informed and we take all measures to prevent both damage and recurrence.

Each employee has signed a nondisclosure agreement that forms part of the contract. Nobody works without a contract, not even during an internship or trial period. Because we mainly work from the office, we know all employees personally.

Because every company is different, the security needs can also differ per customer. Setting up a remote development team is custom work. If necessary, additional measures can be taken in consultation with you.



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