What facilities do you offer?

We offer each engineer a workspace in our office locations. This workspace features all the amenities typical of a well-appointed office — after all, we work there, too. Our workspaces are overseen by local managers who ensure that developers enjoy a clean, safe, and supportive environment.

All engineers are provided a well-specified Windows laptop suitable for heavy work. The use of these laptops is strictly limited to work-related tasks.

Our standard support package also includes an email account backed by a secure email server and a comprehensive issue- and time-management system. This platform allows developers and clients to manage holidays, vacations, and sick leave.

A dedicated HR manager serves as a liaison between the engineer and Team4Code’s client and implements the client’s HR policies.

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What our clients tell about us

“Very fast and good service. Consultation in between, the direct communication was very nice. Recommended!”

Jan Dirk van der Borg
Product owner, E-learning application