What does Team4Code do if an employee does not perform?

Part of our service provision is that we proactively maintain contact with the engineers and their clients to ensure that we identify problems in a timely manner. If we have reason to ask questions about the performance of an engineer, we will contact the client about this. Conversely, the client can also turn to us if the cooperation does not go according to expectations.

If it is clear that there are problems, we have the following options at our disposal to make improvements:

  1. An interview with the engineer by HR. This conversation takes place in the engineer’s own language. If this does not solve the problem, senior management will be involved.
  2. Make agreements to improve communication, for example by working more from the office.
  3. Have a senior engineer look at the employee’s work.
  4. Organizing additional education or training.

If these measures do not lead to the desired result, it will be decided in consultation with the client about terminating the collaboration. A notice period of 1 month applies. In the event that the employee can no longer be deployed in this last month, Team4Code will not charge a facility fee for the last month.



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