What does it cost to hire a team through Team4Code?

Our pricing structure is simple: each month, you receive an invoice for the employee’s salary and a fixed facility fee. The facility fee includes the use of a dedicated office workspace, IT infrastructure and facilities, local HR management, education and training, and even social activities. The fee is independent of the employee’s salary, and represents a fixed rate for all Team4Code hires, regardless of specialty.

Our vision is that extensive free lunches, indoor slides or table tennis don’t make the difference that keeps engineers with us. Engineers of the caliber we recruit would rather master a complex challenge in a supportive work environment than indulge in distractions. Our facilities support the best efforts of seasoned professionals who value satisfaction over entertainment.

Each engineer’s salary reflects their education, their years and types of experience, and their areas of specialization. We place special importance on team-based experience. Engineers tend to a have an accurate idea of what they are worth, and settling on the right salary offer can be a delicate undertaking. Too low a salary may cause an engineer to leave abruptly for a better-paying job; too high a salary can impact project costs.

Our transparent business model includes competitive salary offers for each engineer we recruit. We find that this approach gives our clients a degree of continuity and stability that is more valuable than the savings represented by a bottom-barrel salary. We advise each client on the market forces affecting the salaries we recommend, but the final decision is always up to you.

We meet quarterly with each client to discuss how their team is functioning and to address any questions they may have. We then take a close look at each team member and each functional role within the team, identifying opportunities to facilitate even better, more efficient work. When additional education and training are indicated by this review, we offer them.

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What our clients tell about us

“Arnoud Wijnands, the CEO, is pleasant to deal with, professional in attitude and cooperation, enthusiastic and result-driven. With great understanding and respect for complex environments, always looking for the best solutions”.

CIO/IT Manager KLM