What costs are associated with a recruitment assignment?

Before we start a recruitment assignment, we first go through the job profile with you. If you do not have a detailed profile, we will help you to quickly and easily prepare a complete profile. Based on the profile, we provide you with an estimate of the required salary budget for the engineer you are looking for.

We charge a fee for recruitment that depends on a number of factors such as the nature of the vacancies, the exclusivity of the assignment and the required urgency. In the case of payroll, your costs consist of the salary and a fixed amount of facility fee. If our cost estimate falls within your budget, we will get to work for you.

In most cases, this recruitment assignment is without obligation and you only pay if it is successful. But for some positions, recruitment requires such a great effort that we are forced to ask for a retainer. In those cases, the retainer amounts to a quarter of the success fee. The retainer is deducted from the success fee upon placement. If there is a retainer, we will always indicate this immediately when we provide the salary estimate.

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What our clients tell about us

“We needed network engineers with CCNA and CCNP certification and experience with Cisco ACI and SD-Access. Team4Code came to the rescue and introduced engineers like Robert who is now a valued colleague”.

Director Engineering, Infradata, Netherlands