What can I expect from the local HR guidance?

Local HR management is an important part of Team4Code’s services. We guide your company from the start, by helping to draw up the job profile if necessary, by selecting the most suitable engineer, and by offering both the customer and engineer a point of contact that is present on location. That is why we also value the fact that engineers spend at least part of their time in the office.

Our HR officer is proactive and maintains regular contact with the employee. HR is available if the employee experiences problems. If something in the collaboration does not go well, the HR employee is also available to the customer. The HR employee will then play an active role in solving any problems.

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What our clients tell about us

“When our project manager, Rikke, was so enthusiastic about his new dream team from Kyiv, I decided to have a sweater designed with the Med2Morrow logo and the life-size words ‘Dream Team’ on it. A week later, a package was mailed containing two sweaters, one for Demid and one for Nadir. They do a good job and we are very happy with them”.

COO and Project Manager, Med2Morrow, Netherlands