How is the selection process organized?

With the job profile, our recruitment department will get to work for you. We scan our own database, search job boards, and social media, and make advertisements in media that are aimed at the target group. We inform interested candidates as best as possible about your company and about the project. If there are any questions that we cannot answer, our recruiter will contact you to discuss these questions.

Candidates who are seriously interested and meet the criteria will first have a meeting with our senior staff. The reason is that we think personality and attitude are just as important as technical competencies. If the outcome is positive, the engineer will have discussions with team members or other technical specialists. A record is made of all conversations. Finally, the engineer will have to carry out an assignment that was made in advance, on the basis of which an assessment can be made about the technical capabilities. Only then will the candidate be introduced.

In the current tight labor market for technical personnel, speed is required. Good candidates are in high demand and a long decision-making process will certainly negate the result of the recruitment work. That is why we agree with our clients that they are always available for an interview within a week after we have nominated a candidate and that they can reach a decision within 10 days of the introduction. If a client does not meet these deadlines, we reserve the right to charge 25% of the success fee and to return the recruitment assignment.

After a positive decision, we will send an employment order that you can approve digitally. Immediately afterwards, the candidate will be made a proposal.

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What our clients tell about us

“Great company! Been working with Arnoud and his team for over a year now and it’s going perfectly. An ideal A to Z for all your development needs!”

Company owner and founder, Belgium