How do you select developers?

Developing software is the work of men and women. That is why making applications is expensive, while the quality is highly dependent on the knowledge, experience and competences of the engineers. In addition to the technical competences, the so-called “soft skills” are also important; the ability to communicate well and work together in a team.

In our philosophy, the interests of companies that are serious about software development run parallel to those of competent developers who care about their future employability and want to develop themselves. The involvement in each other ensures that the cooperation runs optimally.

There are developers who prefer to work alone, they can often be found on marketplaces for freelancers. They mainly do smaller jobs for which cooperation is not so important. Other developers
like to work in a team but prefer not to bear responsibilities. If they write their billable hours, as is requested of them, they are satisfied. At Team4Code we focus on ambitious technicians, team players who want to develop themselves and who want to contribute to something that has meaning. That is why they prefer to work on larger projects that they will be associated with for a longer period of time.

We use highly experienced technical specialists for our recruitment activities. They help us to get in touch with the right technicians and speak to them about what really matters. The professional
challenge and the opportunity to develop both in their technical and professional skills. That is why it is also very important for us to have a lot of information about a project before we can recruit effectively.

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Last year we decided to build a new website to support our commercial campaigns and to to make our logistic data available for our customers via a webportal. After a pitch we choose Team4Code because their concept best represented our company and their proposal was the most concrete.

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