How can I be sure that an engineer is not also working for another employer?

Engineers who are hired exclusively by one client are prohibited from working on another client’s projects. Not when sickness or vacation have left another client short-handed, and not even for an hour. All engineers know this ground rule, and Team4Code enforces it strictly. Any exceptions must be approved by both clients.

As with any employees, remote or in-house, we cannot guarantee that engineers working remotely from our facility spend every moment of the day on productive tasks. Employees naturally need breaks from time to time, and spending a few minutes thinking about matters unrelated to work can help an engineer return to their job with a fresh perspective and renewed energy. Assessing an employee’s output tends to be a much better way of determining their level of diligence than simply counting the hours they spend in front of their computer.

Agile workflows support consistent output while promoting teamwork. When several members of a team work remotely from Team4Code facilities, or when an entire team does so, we actively support team-building initiatives, in consultation with the client.

Engineers who work for different customers can consult with each other. We encourage these conversations within reasonable limits and subject to applicable confidentiality provisions. 

Developers often have a pet project on the side, sometimes as a hobby, but sometimes as a nascent commercial enterprise. We rely on the person in charge of each project — its project manager, scrum master, team lead, or product owner — to monitor productivity and alert our HR staff if anything seems amiss. If an engineer appears not to be working diligently on the client’s project, we will discuss the matter with the client before speaking directly with the employee.

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“Very fast and good service. Consultation in between, the direct communication was very nice. Recommended!”

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Product owner, E-learning application