Do you provide no-code and/or low-code engineers?

To code or not to code, that is the question.

No-code and low-code development are increasingly popular choices for companies seeking to deploy business applications and web services quickly and easily. Platforms like Mendix, OutSystems, BettyBlocks, and Salesforce’s claim that they take the programming out of application development. Instead of developers, companies need only assign existing staff with some technical skill to configure ready-made elements on a low-code platform, allowing for faster, less expensive product development that can also be more responsive and innovative than the traditional model allows.

No Code

True no-code solutions do not require software developers at all. Any employee with a bit of technical talent and a knowledge of the project’s objectives can build a simple application. No-code configuration is typically used to automate internal processes, much as Excel automates the process of maintaining paper ledgers.

Low Code

Low-code solutions also allow non-programmers to build applications, but they do require some ability to analyze, modify, and write code to produce optimal results. is a popular low-code platform. Some businesses are tempted to assign business analysts to this role, typically on the strength of their ability to write database queries and other simple, highly constrained applications of basic coding. 

In reality, though, the full benefits of low-code development only shine when developers with specific experience are tasked with building applications. Creating interfaces between applications, for example, is far beyond the experience of most business analysts. Low-code solutions do get applications up and running far more quickly than traditional development frameworks, but that – and not the elimination of IT roles – is their primary benefit.

Good low-code specialists are at least as scarce as traditional software developers, and some are even more expensive to hire. Low-code development is a niche field, after all, and specialists must offset the extra risk they take by tying themselves to a particular platform.

The right specialist for you

We supply clients with low-code specialists on for example and Microsoft PowerApps. If you wish to hire a specialist on another platform, please contact us and we will consult our network for suitable candidates.

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