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In recent years no-code and low-code became more popular. Well-known platforms are from Salesforce, Mendix, Outsystems and BettyBlocks. The idea behind these solutions is that you don’t need a programmer to create a web app or business application. It is configuring rather than programming. In theory, the advantage is that you don’t need our developers, that you can develop products faster and cheaper and that you can innovate faster. However, there are some comments to be made.

In the first place, not everyone can handle different low-code platforms. You also have to learn to work with that. In theory, anyone can get started with it, but to really build with it requires training and education. So, in the end, you still hire someone. In addition, the savings in hours often turn out to be quite disappointing, the more you want to adapt the application to your wishes, the more time it will take. You will encounter limitations, for example with regard to integrations and data manipulation. Licensing costs apply and there is a dependence and lock-in with regard to the platform. The “cost of ownership” is certainly not automatically lower than if the application was built as custom work.

Good low-code specialists are just as scarce, or even scarcer (and therefore more expensive) than software developers. This is partly due to the fact that developers prefer to write code than configure applications. It is also not very attractive to be dependent on one technology or platform as a developer.

As the platforms become more popular, there are also more opportunities to find specialists in near or offshoring. For example, for Salesforce we can offer experienced people, for other platforms we will have to check it based on your question.

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