Can you test the technical feasibility of my idea?

Sometimes you have a good idea but you cannot properly estimate whether it is technically feasible or what the realization will cost. In that case, we are happy to help you. We use the following method for this:

  1. We have a first video call or introductory meeting in which we discuss the idea without going into details. Based on this limited information, we determine whether we can help you. If so, we will first offer you a nondisclosure agreement.
  2. You provide us with all the relevant information and context we need to better understand the idea. Then we make an appointment to discuss it in more detail.
  3. We have a conversation in a maximum of 2 hours in which we will discuss the question in more detail and give our first impression of the feasibility. For more complex or difficult questions, we will propose a paid feasibility study.
  4. The first phase of the paid feasibility study starts with an extensive questionnaire. Based on this, we make a requirement specification for the feasibility study. Other discussions and possibly a desk study may form part of this phase.
  5. In the second phase, we describe the solution and possibly build a proof of concept to investigate whether any technical risks arise and can be solved.
  6. In the third phase, we provide a ballpark estimate for the budget required to realize the project.
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What our clients tell about us

“Very good experience. Recommended. Lots of knowledge and craftsmanship. They thought along with me what led to a result that I am very enthusiastic about. In retrospect, I made the best choice and I have a good address for my future plans”.

Herman Beuker
Product owner, E-learning application