Can you offer a fixed price per project?

While our pricing model calls for a monthly salary to be paid to your Team4Code hires, we are always happy to discuss your project and your budgetary requirements. With a little ingenuity and good faith, chances are good that we can come up with an approach that works for all parties involved.

Outsourcing services like programming and engineering can feel like a step into the unknown, especially for companies who have never done so. All businesses take risks, but successful ones do their best to mitigate those risks. We understand completely—after all, we need to address the same concerns for our business. That’s why we discuss your project in detail before identifying candidates for you to choose from.

Along with information on your project and your business culture, we can go over the financial implications of outsourcing your development tasks. You’ll get a better understanding of what a Team4Code hire will cost, and how that cost might change if your project wraps up early or takes on new dimensions requiring additional time. We’ll also draw on our experience with other clients to share ideas about how you can best use the talents of your outsourced employees.

We want your project to succeed. Staying within your budget is a big part of that success.



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