Can you guarantee continuity?

Our standard contractual terms give our clients month-to-month discretion over whom to retain. We will never pull a recruit off your project and assign them to another. If a project ends sooner than you’d expected, you will not be obligated to retain an engineer or programmer hired through Team4Code after the 30-day notice period has elapsed.
Of course, our recruits can choose to break ties with Team4Code altogether, in which case neither we nor the client has much say in the matter. All parties involved need to anticipate this possibility.
It is in the interest of everyone—clients, Team4Code, and recruits alike—to keep our working relationship happy and productive. We support this goal with a comprehensive range of support services, including:

• Local HR management
• An office space that allows us to check in with Team4Code developers and address any questions they may have
• Events that support teamwork and keep morale high
• Help with HR functions such as performance reviews and 360° feedback
• Education and training delivered in tandem with our clients
For their part, our clients can help preserve continuity by providing the support only they can. This support includes:
• Listening to the engineer’s feedback and treating them like one of the team
• Involving remote workers in decision-making and the celebration of successes
• Communicating regularly with remote engineers, both formally and informally
• Inviting remote engineers to their offices, or visiting Team4Code’s facility
• Most importantly, keeping remote developers feeling busy and useful

Our clients can take similar steps toward preserving sound working relationships with Team4Code hires. Remember: we recruit professionals who love a good programming or engineering challenge, and who take personal pride in their team’s success. The more closely you involve them in the day-to-day life of your company, the more moral support you provide them, and the better you’ll be able to guarantee their continued investment in the working relationship.



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