Can you cooperate with an external QA-service?

Software quality is about much more than organizing a thorough acceptance test. Quality plays a role in every phase of a project. From drawing up the requirements up to and including the support that is given after delivery. Quality is a vision, an attitude and a way of working. Here are some examples of topics that determine quality:

  1. Thoroughness in drafting requirements. Questioning, checking and recording. Requirements can also be tested. That’s where the tester’s work begins.
  2. Think carefully about the architecture of the software. How is the application used, what requirements must be set for the infrastructure? Which (safety) risks must be taken into account.
  3. Creating designs from the user’s point of view. Testing a design before it can be implemented can avoid failure costs.
  4. Monitoring the quality of code, with analysis software, by unit testing and by reviewing each other’s code.
  5. Making test plans and testing the application during the development process. Providing structured tests such as smoke tests, sanity tests, regression tests, integration tests and last but not least acceptance tests.
  6. Documenting the process and making documentation for the management phase.

There are several ways to involve external testers in the development process. This can be done by using them when accepting the software, by making them part of the development team from the beginning, or by a combination. Based on your wishes, we can see how best to guarantee quality assurance in your specific situation. We have experience working with external QA specialists and are happy to work with your service provider.

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