Can you also offer quality control as a separate service?

Team4Code offers software specialists, both in Remote Teams and via Relocation. If you are looking for a service provider that, as an independent party, can play a role in guaranteeing the quality of your software, we offer various options. We can offer Quality Assurance specialists and testers as part of your Development Process. Would you prefer a party that thinks along with you about improving the quality of your custom software and the development process? You are at the right place at Team4Code. It always starts with a listening ear and can lead to targeted advice with which we can help you solve your quality issues in a targeted manner.
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What our clients tell about us

“We needed an application to digitize the information process when transfering IC-patients from one the other hospital. Team4Code quicly setup a team of designers, architects and developers. Together we were able to build the MVP in a matter of weeks. It was a very pleasant experience”.

Product Owner, Sweden