Can Team4Code remove an engineer without our permission?

Once an engineer is assigned to a project, we will not remove them without the client’s consent unless one of two conditions is met:

  1. An invoice goes unpaid by the client despite notice.
  2. The engineer expresses a desire to be removed from the project. In this case we will seek a mutual resolution to the issue through a conversation with the client and the engineer. If that process does not resolve the matter, the engineer may apply for another position on the condition that the importance of a good transition is taken into account. If an engineer decides to leave the company, we will do our best to provide an adequate replacement as soon as possible.
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What our clients tell about us

“We needed network engineers with CCNA and CCNP certification and experience with Cisco ACI and SD-Access. Team4Code came to the rescue and introduced engineers like Robert who is now a valued colleague”.

Director Engineering, Infradata, Netherlands