Can I also turn to Team4Code for a turnkey project?

Yes, we also take care of projects for our customers. Over the years we have implemented numerous projects in a wide range of industries. In order to meet expectations, it is important that we understand your needs. It is not only about the formal requirements but also about the context of your project.

We are driven to understand all aspects of the project in order to formulate a good proposal. We are also a bit picky; we will not be able to accept every project. The project must suit us. In terms of industry, technology and the business case. We must have confidence that our customer can achieve his goals thanks to our development work. After all, we prefer to work for satisfied customers who benefit from the cooperation.

Our working method consists of a number of steps:

  1. We have a first video call or introductory meeting in which the requirements are discussed. We may first offer you a confidentiality agreement.
  2. We will discuss the requirements in more detail in one or more conversations. For more complex or difficult questions, we will propose a paid feasibility study.
  3. After a possible feasibility study, we make a project proposal. In the project proposal, at least attention will be paid to the following topics:
  • Team composition
  • Project methodology
  • Quality
  • Budget
  • Schedule
  • Management

Depending on the nature and size of the project, we deploy our project team or put together a team especially for your project.

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What our clients tell about us

“With Ivan I have gained a colleague developer with whom I can spar and collaborate pleasantly. Together we halved the time it took to build new functionality”.

Lead developer and Founderm Activitree, Netherlands