Can engineers also work on-site or relocate?

First impressions can make an enormous difference, and we advise our clients to meet their new engineers directly as part of the onboarding process. We can facilitate a client’s visit to our facility or an engineer’s visit to the client’s site. Bringing a new engineer on site for a few weeks is in our experience the best way to manage this transition.

Some Team4Code clients follow something of a hybrid approach, hiring team leads and training them in-house for a span of months before they return to work in their preferred Team4Code facility. Their direct experience with the client’s company then informs their leadership of an entirely remote team.


In some cases, it may be mutually beneficial to subsidize an engineer’s move from their country of origin to their employer’s country. If you wish to bring your engineering team closer to your central office, Team4Code can help you identify engineers who are open to the idea of moving. This approach may be expensive, and you may sacrifice some of the flexibility that comes from hiring remote developers and engineers.

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What our clients tell about us

“Arnoud Wijnands, the CEO, is pleasant to deal with, professional in attitude and cooperation, enthusiastic and result-driven. With great understanding and respect for complex environments, always looking for the best solutions”.

CIO/IT Manager KLM