Our customers share their experiences



Lead developer and Founderm Activitree, Netherlands

“With Ivan I have gained a colleague developer with whom I can spar and collaborate pleasantly. Together we halved the time it took to build new functionality”.


Company owner and founder, Belgium

“Great company! Been working with Arnoud and his team for over a year now and it’s going perfectly. An ideal A to Z for all your development needs!”


Product Owner, Sweden

“We needed an application to digitize the information process when transferring IC-patients from one the other hospital. Team4Code quickly setup a team of designers, architects and developers. Together we were able to build the MVP in a matter of weeks. It was a very pleasant experience”.


Director Engineering, Infradata, Netherlands

“We needed network engineers with CCNA and CCNP certification and experience with Cisco ACI and SD-Access. Team4Code came to the rescue and introduced engineers like Robert who is now a valued colleague”.

CIO/IT Manager KLM

“Arnoud Wijnands, the CEO, is pleasant to deal with, professional in attitude and cooperation, enthusiastic and result-driven. With great understanding and respect for complex environments, always looking for the best solutions”.


COO and Project Manager, Med2Morrow, Netherlands

“When our project manager, Rikke, was so enthusiastic about his new dream team from Kyiv, I decided to have a sweater designed with the Med2Morrow logo and the life-size words ‘Dream Team’ on it. A week later, a package was mailed containing two sweaters, one for Demid and one for Nadir. They do a good job and we are very happy with them”.

Jan Dirk van der Borg

Product owner, E-learning application

“Very fast and good service. Consultation in between, the direct communication was very nice. Recommended!”

Herman Beuker

Product owner, E-learning application

“Very good experience. Recommended. Lots of knowledge and craftsmanship. They thought along with me what led to a result that I am very enthusiastic about. In retrospect, I made the best choice and I have a good address for my future plans”.