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Are you searching for technical professionals for your development team? Team4Code specializes in recruiting, selecting and hiring a variety of IT specialists. We deploy the engineers for you through a payroll construction. You pay a fixed amount per month, which consists of the salary of the professional and a fixed, flat fee, compensation for our services. Those services include taking care of the payroll, a workplace in our office, the IT infrastructure and local HR management. With our Payroll+ solution you remain completely in control.

Focus on costs results in lower quality, focus on quality results in lower costs

A popular wisdom says that you should stick to what know. Loosely translated, this means that as a company you have to do what you are good at. At Team4Code we understand recruiting and hiring technical IT specialists. We know how to put together strong teams for our customers. Our job is to guide our customers who want to hire technical talent to realize their projects, and to guide engineers who want to build their career.

The table below describes the services that can be distinguished in the context of developing, building and managing software. Our core activities in blue, which we carry out ourselves. We offer the activities in yellow together with partners. We do not offer activities in red, for that we will refer you to third parties.

IT / Software Development Services

Our core business

With partners

We will refer you

Recruitment & HR

Projects & Consultancy


Recruitment & HR



  • Database building
  • Selection
  • Hiring



  • Onboarding
  • Contract managing
  • Relations & Performance
  • Employee Turnover
  • Education
  • Offboarding


  • Office facilities
  • IT facilities

Relocation services

Projects & Consultancy

Project Consultancy

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Concept creation
  • Design
  • IT Consultancy


  • Time/Material
  • Agile
  • Project management

Fixed Price Projects


Application maintenance & development services

Infrastructure services

Security services

Various support services

  • Application support
  • Marketing support
  • Life cycle management

Exploitation of Software on behalf of the customer

What our clients tell about us

“Arnoud Wijnands, the CEO, is pleasant to deal with, professional in attitude and cooperation, enthusiastic and result-driven. With great understanding and respect for complex environments, always looking for the best solutions”.

CIO/IT Manager KLM