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Worry-free sourcing for companies who struggle to recruit engineers

For software companies struggling to find skilled technicians Team4Code offers a solution. Customers who require dedicated, full-time software and network engineers will find the best remote specialists from Ukraine and Poland at Team4Code. We hire these employees for you based on our fully transparent Payroll+ model, which provides a complete remote workspace, including IT facilities and local HR management.

Our 6 promises

Find the best engineer for your project

We introduce you to the best engineering talent from Poland, Ukraine, and the Netherlands, quickly and cost-effectively. Our years of experience in IT and our meticulous recruitment process are entirely at your service. Your success and the continuity of your operations are our top priorities. We would rather forgo a placement than nominate a candidate who we do not support unreservedly.

Save on recruitment costs

The recruitment process is expensive and laborious in many western countries. We recruit candidates from our office in Eastern Europe. As a result, and thanks to our extensive network and efficient business model, we can quickly find highly qualified candidates for your business, while helping you save 60 to 80% on your recruitment costs.

Save on monthly personnel costs

When you hire engineers through us, differences in the cost of living can save you about 35% compared to domestic engineers on your company’s payroll. Compared to local hiring of freelancers, the savings can reach 65%.

Pay a fixed amount per month, with no surprises

We use a transparent payroll model. Prior to the month you will receive an invoice for the engineer’s salary, plus a fixed facility fee. Everything is included: salary, workplace, IT, HR, professional education, and team activities. This invoice is due before the end of the month to make sure the engineer will get his salary in time.

One month’s notice

Should you wish to cancel our agreement, we require a notice period of just one month, even if an employee has been working for you for years. No notice period applies during a new hire’s probationary period.

Your business continuity is the heart of our business, and we take pains to help you both scale up quickly and, if necessary, to also scale down quickly and easily.

Full control

If you choose our Payroll+ solution, you have full control over the deployment of your dedicated engineers. They report to you. In consultation with Team4Code, you decide their compensation. All intellectual property that your engineers produce belongs to you. And our HR, facility staff and account management are at your service to ensure optimal cooperation.

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