The Nordic countries are technology pioneers in providing advanced services to the global market. In order for development to continue effectively, the right kind of professionals are needed for numerous tasks. Team4Code focuses specifically on business-critical software platforms that place high demands on availability, concurrency, and latency. Performance, scalability, optimal use of resources and good maintainability are important topics for our customers. This requires innovative technology that meets the high demands of our customers, but also intelligent, mature developers who guarantee high quality.

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Tanja Drca

Tanja is a healthcare engineer, who started working with Team4Code first as a customer.
After succesful software development project, Tanja joined the team as a sales representative in Finland.
You can reach Tanja in Helsinki.

+358 449 752 533

What our clients tell about us

“My task was to implement a long-planned application for a special team at a Swedish hospital that treats patients around the country and the world.The software had to be usable and secure, but also make their job easier. Needless to say, it was also supposed to work effectively regardless of the time of day or whereabouts. After numerous calls for proposals, Team4Code proved to be the right partner to implement the project. They did a careful job and invested especially in gaining an in-depth understanding of how the application should work.”

Medical Technology Consultant for ECMO Center in Karolinska University Hospital, Sweden

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