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Success is a Journey, and We’ll Take it With You

Successful businesses start with great ideas, and those ideas can spring up wherever passionate, ambitious people meet. We’ve all heard stories about corporations started over pizza-fueled late-night work sessions and launched in garages or attics. That sort of determination and enthusiasm can drive your company’s success, too.

We strive to help you assemble development teams that add just the right touch of vigorous entrepreneurial spirit to your organization. To that end, we don’t just source the best engineering talent for your team – we invest the time and resources needed to make them feel part of your organization, and to support all parties every step of the way.

If you’re just getting started with a project that brings your latest big idea to life, we can help there, too. Our project management support services can assist you with everything from setting up shop to performing business analysis, through to Agile coaching and optimizing your development process. We’re here to help you succeed.

Our values

TrustResponsibilityCompetencePersonal & PositiveInclusiveness

It is important to give confidence and room for the initiative to bring out the best in professionals. We ask that trust of our customers, and we do everything we can to not betray that trust.

The predictability of a project depends to a great extent on the integrity of the people who realise it. That is why we make an effort to be consistent and responsible in our actions, values, methods, measures and principles. We value transparency, truthfulness and accuracy in all our actions. Doing so we strive to create realistic expectations and we are transparent about the process and the outcomes. As a team, we are motivated by personal development and authentic leadership.


If you are part of a good team, you know that your colleagues depend on you. It is a great inspiration and responsibility for our specialists to work together, in a close-knit team, for a common goal. To be able to rely on each other and to be successful together.

Every professional who works in a customer’s team via Team4Code understands and appreciates the trust he has received. We are proud of that and work hard to contribute to our customers ‘business goals’.


At Team4Code we select specialists who have the knowledge and skills to contribute successfully to our customers’ business.

Just as important as knowledge and experience are the vision of the own functioning within the customer team and the attitude to be successful together.

For us, competence is getting things done. Taking the responsibility, bringing your best to the table in terms of creativity, dedication and perseverance.

Personal & Positive

We see the relationship with our colleagues and our customers as the starting point for our actions. Meaningful work gets its meaning not only through the result it produces for society, but especially through working together on common goals. A positive attitude towards each other and a strong belief in the good intention of all stakeholders is our point of departure.

You need each other to be successful as a team.
Team4Code aims to connect and facilitate developers and customers, to be successful together.


Everyone deserves a fair chance in life. It doesn’t matter where engineers come from or what personal characteristics they possess. What is important is their attitude, competences and skills. Regardless of where your cradle was, how rich or poor your parents were, your color, sex or beliefs.

Every position at Team4Code is open to everyone with a professional attitude, the will to grow and take responsibility. Every colleague has the right to fair compensation for his/her work, without distinction being made on characteristics other than competences and attitude.

What our clients tell about us

“Great company! Been working with Arnoud and his team for over a year now and it’s going perfectly. An ideal A to Z for all your development needs!”

Company owner and founder, Belgium